Traditional Rolling Indoor/Outdoor Gardens

At approximately 48″ x 29″ and 24” to 30″ high, our rolling gardens are sized approximately the same as our traditional beds but with several important and distinguishing features.

Commercial grade casters add versatility to your gardening experience, enabling anyone to move these sturdy, portable beds to any desired indoor or outdoor location. Each bed also features our patented, pan-formed Grow/Drainage Tray, which is designed to manage water availability and enhance the growing experience. The tray is designed to capture excess water and funnel it into any container placed in the sturdy, catch basin platform built into one of the garden’s legs.

These features make the rolling beds ideal for outdoor patios, decks and atriums, while providing the portability to garden indoors all year long. For example, they are a perfect way to provide horticulture therapy to residents confined to the indoors, such as those in Memory Care and Rehab facilities. For those areas with cold winters, it’s a way to move your gardens indoors and expand your gardening season. Plantings can flourish in any indoor space with good window lighting or with the addition of grow lights.